Wuzhou Jewel Across-Borders E-Commerce Hypermarket Is Opened during the 13th Wuzhou Jewel Festival

Wuzhou Jewel Across-Borders E-Commerce Hypermarket Is Opened during the 13th Wuzhou Jewel Festival

Held during the 13th Wuzhou Jewel Festival, the Wuzhou Jewel Across-Borders took part in the opening ceremony of the hypermarket.

November 04, 2016 ( datsyn.com) – The 13th Wuzhou Jewel Festival opened in Wuzhou, which is the capital of the artificial gemstones in the world and is considered as the most influential industry in the country and the world. There were about 20 jewel companies of Wuzhou city that attended the opening meeting of the hypermarket.

The jewelry exhibition has attracted huge numbers of domestic and foreign exhibitors. According to the Mayor of Wuzhou, Zhu Xueping, the current section of the Jewel Festival has assigned thirty six projects with a total investment of about 10.2 billion yuan, along with one hundred fifteen different projects completed during the festival.

After more than two decades of improvisation, the synthetic stone business in Wuzhou has now being transformed from a home factory business into the main industry of the city. It has always been a long-term for the industry to explore the gem-setting business. However, aside from the foreign investment, machinery, technology, and imported manpower, the local manufacturers must develop their own technology and designs. The hypermarket opened greater opportunities for the Wuzhou jewel to become known globally.

All those who participated are anticipating much better changes and development in the Wuzhou jewel industry in order to cope with the ever changing industry. Since there are different brands that evolve each day, the Wuzhou jewel industry should become steps ahead of the competition. In addition to that, the members also hope for more stable material prices that will influence the market. They are looking forward for more mature gem-setting industry in Wuzhou in the future.

The members hope that the hypermarket will help in strengthening the communication right between each other, while promoting the Wuzhou jewel e-commerce and developing the Wuzhou jewel inspection standard. The hypermarket will help the Wuzhou jewel industry to become even bigger and stronger in the next coming years.

The Wuzhou Jewel Festival featured different events for the goal of empowering the Wuzhou jewel industry. The event was a success, and all the guests are expecting for a more fabulous events in the next years.

Because of this event, people can expect new developments and trend-setters in the Wuzhou jewel industry, thus giving life to the different Wuzhou jewel companies in the area.


Source: PR