Runtopia teaches you how to keep running during the winter

Runtopia teaches you how to keep running during the winter

As the winter is rapidly approaching in the north hemisphere, the weather is getting cold and dry outside.

December 04, 2016 ( – The sunshine will be no longer warm. The wind often blows strongly. The days are shorter and the nights are longer. Outside workout will be a severe challenge in the chilly temperatures. Would you choose to suspend your effort or push yourself into it?

Though a sweat session outside might not be the easy choice, it’s a pretty good one. Tough it out, and you’ll benefit a lot. But when it comes to facing the situation, are you really well-prepared to challenge the cold weather? How to make the winter exercise enjoyable and productive?

On the occasion of the new version’s release of Runtopia 2.0 , the well-known running app is claimed to carry out the winter running theme for people out there who love to run. As a dedicated running app, Runtopia has shared hundreds of useful articles to help runners get know all the knowledge about running through the Collections column. The featured theme aims to teach people how to keep running during the winter, and solve the problems about winter running. No matter winter running guides, warm-up stretching, training tips, injury prevention, nutrition supply, winter gear reviews, Runtopia will involve all aspects of winter exercise dos & don’ts that you concern about.

When the weather grows more and more frigid, training through the winter is difficult. It’s often dark outside, and icy conditions don’t make things any easier. Thanks to the treadmill, we can stay away from the cold weather and enjoy the run in a comfortable zone. Runtopia is definitely a great helper to treadmill runner in the winter. With the treadmill mode, runners can accurately record the running data and have a great experience on indoor workout. Combined with the chart of step frequency and pace statistics, the app allows runners to enhance their running scientifically. Treadmill helps the runners not to be affected by the icy conditions, and Runtopia makes you no excuses.

Runtopia has attracted numerous great runners into this workout community. To run with the experts, it will be helpful to improve your running performance. The various events & challenges bring lots of fun to motivate people to keep running during the winter. Just keep running with Runtopia, stay fit & healthy!

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