Fantasy App Has Unveiled New Opportunities to Its Users

Fantasy App Has Unveiled New Opportunities to Its Users

Human relationships keep developing, opening new opportunities to people nowadays. This has resulted in the evolvement of new non-monogamous relationship types that gain popularity in the modern society.

July 03, 2017 ( – Realizing the everlasting need of people for unique experience, Fantasy App has revealed amazing dating opportunities to its users.

Fantasy App is a popular application that makes it possible for single and married people to get the most out of their relationships. The app was first launched in a closed beta mode in January 2017, but it quickly remained popular with users looking for extraordinary experience they’ve not had before. Right after its launch, the app was called “NEWPL”, but it was renamed to Fantasy App in May 2017.

This name perfectly conveys the essence of the application, namely, finding users, who match by fantasies. This is what the developers of this trendy app tell about it: “We are all unique. This means we all have different desires and fantasies. We are open to new experiences and we keep dreaming of building unique relationships. We are all a part of the Fantasy community where you meet new people and are free to speak about your desires and theirs.”

The major goal of the app is matching people by their desires and fantasies. It helps finding partners for more advanced and unusual experience depending on their traits of character and individual preferences. The app makes it possible to create personal profiles and look through those of other users in order to find people, who have similar preferences, are ready to talk about their feelings and wish to share their experience with others.

For those users, who are interested in reading interesting articles containing topic-related information, the website offers a nice opportunity to visit a blog that contains answers to the most frequent questions one may be excited to find out. The app is meant for people, who are over 18 years old. It is available any time of the day. The developers of the app plan to launch it in the closed beta version in the US in the mid of July 2017.

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Fantasy App is a unique and attention-grabbing app, the major essence of which is to help people meet and date each other to gain exciting experience they’ve not had before. The app is comparatively new, but it’s already popular with users looking for unique dating experience and like-minded people.


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