Discover this iconic Los Angeles clothing brand

Discover this iconic Los Angeles clothing brand

The market for fashionable high end clothes has new comer. It is Paraval, the ultimate high end streetwear clothing destination.

January 17, 2018 ( – This is the brand which looks to turn the fashion world upside down. It has already taken by storm a significant number of fashion influencers and is about to make it really big on the fashion scene. Everyone is awaiting for an unprecedented success due to the unique philosophy behind the brand and a talented team of designers and individuals who share what they are best at with the world.

The online store is a modern looking stop for fashionable clothes. Specialised in men’s streetwear fashion the brand offers some high quality options for people who are looking not only to wear clothes but to send powerful messages about their personality. The company is the child of the fashion business mastermind Omer Paracha, a hereditary fashion businessman, who has a bright history of building successful clothing brands and turning in six to seven figure profits. He is the son of the former Lord Mayor of Pakistan and has had the privilege of attending the best schools where he formed his electric personality and acumen for doing business. It is also here that he has discovered a passion for aesthetically pleasing textiles and decided to revive the old family business started by his grandfather who was a famous textiles importer.

The product of his passion is the very brand Paraval, a revolutionary clothing line famous for iconic men’s skinny joggers and similar pieces of clothing. The products of the company are famous for their high quality fabric which are an exclusive on the market. The denim used by the company is rigorously selected and flown in all the way from Italy. With 98% cotton it is one of the highest quality materials in the US market and it is rightfully adored by the customers. Another great fabric is the 100% cotton which is flow from Italy as well and is selected with similar rigour. Every single piece of clothing is stitched locally in Los Angeles, making this brand a unique asset for the local fashion scene.

In conclusion, the brand indeed offers higher quality clothes to people who not only want to stand out but also want to enjoy the experience of wearing something truly high end. The clothes are more than comfortable and are extremely easy to handle which is one of the key benefits of this clothing line.

Paraval is a totally unique Los Angeles based streetwear online store, which produces high end aviation inspired clothes. It is one of the boldest companies to have hit the market. The company is one of the fastest growing brands in the men’s streetwear industry and is gradually amassing a huge following among youngsters and adults.

Paraval aims to empower men to express themselves and to embrace their inner self as well as showcase and cherish the diversity they are surrounded with. The venture is the ultimate high end brand for truly special individuals.


Source: PR